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Fairy Tale Montclair home asks $1.45 million

Gingerbread siding not included

The facade of the cottage-like home at 1617 Fernwood. Courtesy Laurel Strand, Coldwell Banker

Wishing for a new home is a fairly common California past time, but wishes are only likely to come true in fairy tales.

As it happens though, that’s precisely the look that 1617 Fernwood Drive in Oakland seems to be going for.

This four bed, two and a half bath home from 1936 sitting right on the edge of the ritzy Montclair neighborhood even comes with a third of an acre of land that looks quite remarkably lustrous and forested for the midst of Oakland, which only enhances the fabled effect.

Reports of cheerful dwarves working in the large garden cannot be confirmed. But it wouldn’t be terribly surprising.

Behind the facade, with its conical roof, peeking dormers, and blue shutters and doors, the interior appears much more contemporary than medieval. It’s even got Edison bulbs and stone backsplash in the kitchen.

Last sold in 2012 for $840,000, the latest listing asks a much improved $1.45 million.

In fact, just this morning the ad status changed to “pending” and they cancelled the open house, even though the place has only been on the market for three or four days.

That’s how it is with wishes: Turn your back on them for even a minute and they’re liable to go poof.