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Sonoma County farmhouse teardown asks $1.7 million

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Tattered home comes with a pretty 40-acre parcel

Photos via Estately

Billed in as a “fixer,” this rundown and rotting home of yesteryear (circa 1915) has seen better days. Today the little farmhouse at 4300 Canfield Road has fallen to pieces. Literally.

The kitchen has come apart (a collapsed ceiling has given way to a cascade of fiberglass insulation); the bathroom rusty and pockmarked with water damage; and the exterior, though beautifully decayed, is overgrown and unkempt.

All of this could be yours for $1,750,000.

But the stunning sticker price is for the 40 acres of pastureland, located next to the Kendall Jackson vineyard and J. Vineyard winery nearby. Which is to say, this could be some of the best soil around for vino. But one would need a lot of land for growing your own vineyard. More then 40 acres of it.

The house itself, which could make a charming fixer, will most likely be torn down for something more contemporary.