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Scenes of the San Jose flood

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Evacuations have been ordered in the South Bay city

Monday’s storm, part of a string of atmospheric river events, hit parts of California hard overnight. From Los Angeles to Sacramento, the massive amounts of water, no matter how needed, proved too much and resulted in serious flooding of low-lying regions.

On Tuesday morning, neighborhoods in San Jose had to be evacuated after Coyote Creek surged past its bank. Runoff from yesterday’s rain combined with water from Anderson Lake, which was spilling over.

San Francisco Chronicle has more:

Crews were going from home to home around 10:30 a.m. rescuing trapped residents in the neighborhood around Senter Road and Phelan Avenue near Kelly Park.

“We have a neighborhood here that’s basically underwater,” said Capt. Mitch Matlow, a spokesman for the San Jose Fire Department.

At least 50 residents had to be rescued from the Coyote Neighborhood.

Mercury News reports

“San Jose officials declared a ‘local emergency’ Tuesday as rising waters from Coyote Creek flooded a low-lying neighborhood near Senter Road and Phelan Avenue. By declaring a local emergency, city officials now have the power to issue mandatory evacuations later in the day if needed, according to city spokesman David Vossbrink. City officials expect water levels in Coyote Creek to continue to rise throughout Tuesday and anticipate more residential flooding in low-lying areas along the creek.”

Eacuation centers at the Roosevelt Community Center (901 E. Santa Clara Street) and the Shirakawa Community Center (2072 Lucretia Avenue) are currently taking in area residents.

Here are some scenes of a submerged San Jose.

Extreme flooding in #SanJose. Neighborhood underwater ( : San Jose Fire Department)

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