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El Cerrito midcentury sells for 42 percent over asking

Midcentury meets 21st century for $1.13 million

Stephen Bloom / Robin Donovan, Marvin Gardens

In January, the midcentury looker circa 1957 at 2620 La Honda Avenue in El Cerrito listed for a slightly conservative $799,000.

When inflation is taken into account, that price was a touch less than what the three-bedroom, two-bath home sold for just a few years ago, making it a bit of a bargain, albeit in a highly roundabout fashion.

Apparently a lot of potential buyers agreed; enough to push the final selling price up 42 percent, as 2620 La Honda closed a deal for over $1.13 million after two weeks.

That makes this gem one of the 20 most expensive homes sold in El Cerrito in the past 12 months, at least among those listed on sites like Redfin.

The figures vary, but the average three-bedroom El Cerrito home sells for about $826,000 on a site like Zillow. On Trulia, it’s $814,000. On Redfin, $815,000. Breaking a million is hardly uncommon, but it’s generally a sign of particularly pronounced interest.

Naturally, some homes are always going to sell for more than the median price. That’s part and parcel of what “median” means, after all. But it’s hard not to notice how many of the million dollar-plus three-bed homes sold in El Cerrito over the last year happen to lay down that midcentury style.