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See how Heath Ceramics famous tiles are made

Kneaded and baked like bread

Started more than 60 years ago by California potter Edith Heath, the Sausalito-based Heath Ceramics is the go-to for choice ceramics, especially when it comes to tiles. Esteemed spots from multi-million dollar homes to designer Yves Béhar’s Canopy, a Pacific Heights co-working space that opened last year, use Heath’s modern and clean tiles to brilliant effect.

If you have ever wondered how said tiles were made, wonder no more.

The clay is created by the runoff in the nearby Sierra Mountains in Sacramento, shipped to Heath, mixed with water, and kneaded and baked like bread. The entire process is satisfying to watch.

Check out the BrandMade video below to see exactly how the tiles are formed and to learn a bit more about this very Bay Area company.