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Metallica guitarist’s mansion knock $2 million off price

Swanky Sea Cliff estate has hoped to double its money

The garden and facade of 320 Seacliff, including a decorative fountain with statue. Courtesy Mark Allan Levinson

In December, a spectacular Sea Cliff mansion from 1926, with four beds and four baths right on 320 Sea Cliff Avenue that turned out to belong to longtime Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett, listed for $16 million.

It was one of a suite of three remarkably ritzy Sea Cliff homes from the 1920s that listed within a few weeks of each other. The asking price was precisely double what Hammett bought it for in 2010, which would have made it a tidy deal indeed.

Although it’s been on the market less than two months, the listing knocked the price down to $14 million today, suggesting perhaps a little motivation to attract eyes to it now rather than let it linger.

(Neighboring 308 Sea Cliff, in the hands of the same realtor, made the exact same discount today as well.)

Officially, the home is the property of a trust and in the hands of a Howard King, the name of the lawyer who sometimes represents Metallica, most notably in their suit against current Facebook czar (and disturber of protected forests) Sean Parker for his music sharing program Napster.

But any ambiguity about the home’s actual resident cleared up thanks to the presence of Hammett’s collection of vintage horror movie and theater posters in the staging photos.

Notice also that the rocker has a rather pleasant and tranquil garden, complete with fountains and shrine to what appears to be the Virgin Mary.

Inside is a sweeping staircase and an entryway still using the original redwood timber. The upstairs bathroom takes advantage of its Sea Cliff views with windows studded between a pair of pedestal sinks.