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Thousands spell ‘resist’ on San Francisco’s Ocean Beach

So many protesters showed up that overflow was used to create two exclamation points and underlining

thousands of people spelling out “resist!” on the sands of ocean beach in san francisco. Photo by Stefan Ruenzel

On Saturday, thousands of protesters used their bodies to spell out “RESIST!!” on the sands of Ocean Beach in San Francisco. The event was organized by Brad Newsham of Oakland who, according to SFist, “began creating such visual events in 2006 and commissioned a helicopter photographer for $1,000 an hour for the event.”

Newsham has used the human font in the past to make heated points. Other politically-charged missives for which the 65-year-old activist employed the use of people and Ocean Beach—a call to impeach former president George W. Bush and “Tax the 1%.”

The event, which was advertised on Facebook, was so popular that overflow attendees were used to create two exclamation points and an underline beneath the message. “Resist” has turned into the battlecry for many protesting the Trump administration and its controversial executive orders, like those related to immigration and sanctuary cities.

Photo by Stefan Ruenzel

Ocean Beach

1000 Great Highway, San Francisco, CA 94121