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Demolition of Church and Market’s Home Restaurant makes way for new apartments

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Situated at one of San Francisco’s most prominent and busy street corners, Home Restaurant was shuttered for many years—time and space that could’ve been used to relieve San Francisco’s housing crisis. But in lieu of wringing our hands, let’s rejoice in this week’s demolition of the Home Restaurant at Church and Market.

“As you can see, Home is now almost completely demolished, leaving only a scrap heap of material left to be hauled away by large dumpster trucks,” reports Hoodline, noting that “before Home, 24-hour restaurant Church Street Station Restaurant used to occupy this commanding corner.”

The good news is that a new apartment complex will go in its space. The bad news is that it’s not nearly tall enough, coming in at only seven stories and 60 apartments.

SFist reports, “This triangular pile of rubble, bounded on the back side by 14th Street, will over the next year or two become the seven-story condo building ... which got its final approvals late last year after much back-and-forth with the city and the neighborhood.”

The new flatiron-esque residential nub will be helmed by Brian Spiers Development, the firm responsible for 1998 Market and 1600 Market.

Here are some scenes of Home’s final bow.

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