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Nob Hill condo bounces back to market after six months, asks $2.4 million

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Latest owner barely had time to unpack

The exterior of 1200 California, a high-rise in Nob Hill.
1200 California Street
Courtesy Vanguard

The high-rise at 1200 California, right down the block from Grace Cathedral, isn’t much to look at on the outside (all 27 stories of it, circa 1962).

But condo number 12A inside the modern-midcentury, which just listed asking $2.4 million, bucks the trend with a classy, modern, understated look—and a profound contrast with the spires of the famous cathedral immediately outside of the living room window.

The ad for the 1,500-square-foot, one-bed, two-bath affair touts its “superbly designed floo plan,” which was apparently enough to entice the current seller away from the lifelong ambition of a backyard, however briefly.

Back in 2013, 12A’s owner, Steven Aiello, an executive at a parking management company, told the San Francisco Chronicle that he’d bought a four-bedroom, refurbished Edwardian home on Jackson Street in part to relish having a yard after years of condo living in New York.

But the condo life was hard to walk away from for long, as that Jackson Street Edwardian sold in 2016 for $3.2 million. Aiello then bought this California Street unit for $2.35 million in July. But now, only six months later, it’s bounced back onto the market plus a half million dollar on its 2016 price.

Now it may be round two for anyone who had an eye on this flat last year but missed out.