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Saratoga midcentury home with intact details asks $1.3 million

This 1957 charmer is on the market for the first time ever

Exterior of midcentury home. Photos via Estately

This clearly Eichler-inspired midcentury, hidden in hills of Saratoga, sits on 2.5 acres of landscapes and gardens. But it will take some money and imagination to bring this structure back to—well, not back to life, necessarily. But a creative soul could help it stop hitting the “snooze” button.

Coming in at three beds, three baths, and 1,488 square feet, 15451 Bohlman is a lovely example of midcentury work with most of its period details intact—the cork flooring (a staple of the times), the slatted windows, the original cabinetry. An exciting work to behold.

But some elements could be tidied up a touch. The patio’s brickwork is lovely but needs a refresh. And a new kitchen would nice.

But do get a load of the cool central fireplace. The massive oak tree outside is also a glorious statement accent to this downright charming 1957 home.

Asking is $1,388,888.

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