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Noted street artist finishes, unveils new five-story SF mural

The anonymous artisan modeled the piece on a six year old from Oakland

A four-story mural of a young African American girl with a determined and cheerful expression and an anchor tattoo on her shoulder reading “415-510.” Believe In People, Instagram

Believe In People, the anonymous street artist who originally hails from Connecticut but has been painting inn the Bay Area the last couple of years, finished and unveiled his latest San Francisco work on Tuesday, a five-story portrait titled No Ceiling.

The piece, which BiP says used up approximately 400 cans of spray paint, now displays at the corner of Jessie and Mission, right between the main Westfield Centre mall and the Mission Street Denny’s.

BiP announced the new project via Instagram six weeks ago, but had to keep pausing work to accommodate winter storms. (He finished just in time, as another storm is headed toward the Bay Area this week.)

The big unveiling came Tuesday night, where BiP even showed up to pass out temporary tattoos styled after the piece’s truly awesome “415-510” anchor design. (The artist does make public appearances, but usually wears a painter’s outfit and mask to conceal his identity.)

A photo posted by BiP (@bip_graffiti) on

A six-year-old Oakland girl, identified as Ja'Niyha W, served as the mural’s muse and model. Westfield Centre granted permission for the building to serve as a canvas.

Believe In People first attracted public attention after creating guerrilla-style portraits on the sides of New England buildings in the dead of night. Intentionally anonymous, he communicates with fans mostly via Instagram and the “BiP” tag.

No Ceiling is the third in a series of BiP “mega murals” in the Bay Area, after his 2015 inaugural seven-story Tenderloin portrait and a 2016 piece in downtown Oakland.