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Conservatory of Flowers facade lights up for the holidays

Who doesn’t love a dark floral print?

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The illumination of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge kicked off a trend we hope to see more of in 2018—old structures lit up anew.

Take, for example, the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park. One of the city’s oldest buildings (dating back to 1879) welcomed a new generation of fans after liting up psychedelic colors to honor Summer of Love’s 50th anniversary.

So popular was the groovy light spectacle that the conservatory continues its facade illumination with a new light show for the holidays—“Love for All Seasons,” featuring an array of floral patterns in chilly winter hues.

Conservatory of Flowers debuted its new look last night, which you can see below.

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Check out the building’s new look until springtime hits.

Conservatory of Flowers ‘Summer of Love’ light show extends into autumn [Curbed SF]