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Gutted Bernal Heights teardown drops price

Fire-damaged home first landed on the market for $799,000

A fire damaged house in Bernal Heights Photos courtesy of James Laufenberg, Coldwell Banker

Arriving on the market in October, the fire-damaged house at 121 Gates, a one-bed, one-bath, 600-square-foot home dating back to 1907, was a sad affair. A 2015 fire ruined the house inside and out.

Unable to fund a buyer, $100,000 has been pruned off the initial asking. The photos, showing charred remains of the previous resident’a possessions, show why. The entire home will need to be razed and rebuilt.

It’s now asking $699,000.

The new price should secure a buyer. After all, n “extensively damaged, uninhabitable” Sunset home listed for less than $600,000 in 2016. It sold for over $950,000.