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Moon halo appeared over the Bay Area last night

Remember those walls I built—well, baby, they're tumbling down

On the heels of the supermoon, which lit up the skies over the weekend, ABC 7 meteorologist Sandhya Patel‏ caught sight of a moon halo over the Bay Bridge Monday night


A moon halo (née 22° halo) is caused when moonlight refracts through ice crystals suspended in the upper atmosphere. While not entirely uncommon, the optical phenomenon was quite a sight as it framed one of the Bay Area’s most iconic spans.

The aforementioned halo and supermoon kick off a series of celestial events, including a total lunar eclipse and super-blue moon.

According to San Jose Mercury News, “January’s super-blue moon will occur during a total lunar eclipse, when the Earth’s shadow will completely block the sun’s light from the moon.”

Look for the total lunar eclipse on the evening of January 31.