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New FiDi ‘Corporate Goddess’ statue on display

See Muriel Castanis’ fluidly draped sculpture up close

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Architects John Burgee and Philip Johnson co-designed 580 California, a high-rise noted for the 12 ghostly figures on top who, though faceless, keep an eye on the Financial District happenings below.

Interpreted as everything from grim reapers to angels, the pieces, named Corporate Goddesses, were created by American artist Muriel Castanis in 1982. (Rumor has it the figures are meant to mock the city’s board of supervisors, who initially pooh-poohed the idea of face-free figures looking down on the city’s financial hub.)

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Now, in conjunction with the tower’s lobby renovation, a 13th figure, pulled from Castanis estate, is currently on display inside the building. And it’s on the first floor inside the lobby, so there’s no need to scale the structure like Spider-Man.

Be sure to check it out. After all, these works are one of the 101 reasons to love San Francisco.