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Curbed Cup Finals: Dogpatch (6) vs. Hayes Valley (8)

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Choose San Francisco’s best neighborhood of 2017

The Curbed Cup, our annual award for the neighborhood of the year, moves forward with the final two neighborhoods vying for the prestigious (albeit fake) trophy. Polls will be open until January 2 so you can cast your vote as to which hood should claim the final prize. Let the showdown to end the throwdown begin!


The Outer Sunset looked primed for an upset win this year, but it’s competitor in the Final Four proved that there’s simply more fight in some dogs, and in the end it’s Dogpatch that advances to the final round.

And after all, Dogpatch really was the exciting dark horse contender all along. While it would be tacky to refer to the waterfront hangout as an underdog, consider that it didn’t even make the bracket during 2016’s Curbed Cup but this year has knocked three major contenders out of the running.

Each of those previous round’s competitors had a lot of history and pedigree behind them, but Dogpatch cemented its reputation as an insurgent up and comer. But will that be enough to carry it through the final stretch?

Hayes Valley

Excelsior seemed ready to finally have a breakout year, but when push came to shove the voters preferred life down in the valley and broke in favor of the city’s most stylish hot spot.

It’s been a big year for Hayes Valley after falling short of the semifinals in 2016. In some ways, Hayes Valley is the ultimate modern San Francisco neighborhood, beautiful and affluent and not afraid to make a big show of things.

It’s a neighborhood where beer gardens and shipping container cafes coexist alongside the highest of high end eateries. Where one of the most intriguing buildings on the block may be a derelict school, but where cutting edge modern architects still ply their trade.

But will all that Hayes Valley poise be enough to take home the gold? Or will San Francisco cede the crown to the more brash brand of Dogpatch? No more debating, it’s time to decide. Cast your vote now.