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Under $700K Club: Bayview fixer asks $699,000

TLC-centric house slides in just under the bar

Courtesy Doris Wong

The year 2017 turned out to be tough for Curbed SF’s already too-exclusive Under $700K Club, a special, members-only group for those San Francisco properties that dare to list for less than seven-tenths of a million dollars even in the nutty, Through the Looking Glass-style San Francisco market, where literal fire sales end up selling for even more than that.

Fewer and fewer homes list for less these days, as the median price for SF properties rose to more than double $700K this year by some markers. But now and then a diamond in the rough still glistens, like the case of 1038 Ingerson Avenue.

Curbed Cup voters may have forsaken Bayview this year in favor of the more working class Excelsior neighborhood, but the good old neighborhood was still good enough to offer one last 2017 listing that could join the club, albeit by barely sliding underneath the bar at $699,000.

Realtor Doris Wong notes that the place is a fixer “in need of TLC.” In this case it appears that the longtime residents—very longtime, in fact, as this place last sold 40 years ago for the tear-inducing sum of just $22,500 (a bit less than $95,000 after inflation)—hasn’t updated the decor in a while.

“He’s a truck driver, he’s 77, and he hasn’t done a thing” to the house in decades Wong told Curbed SF.

Still, a bargain is a bargain, particularly for a two bed, one bath single family home circa 1928. So welcome to the club, 1038 Ingerson, and thanks for helping send off this year with a shade of hope for things to come.