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Curbed Cup 2nd round results: Excelsior advances after tiebreaker

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We’re down to the Final Four

After another week of fierce and furious voting, the 2017 Curbed Cup is down to its dramatic Final Four.

The biggest surprise this week was the nail-biting Excelsior vs SoMa competition, which ended in an incredible 50-50 split vote that necessitated a last-minute lightning round.

The Excelsior is always something of an underdog, but the oft overlooked enclave eked out a win over the larger and more high-profile SoMa in the second vote, so it’s onward and upward for Excelsior this time.

Hayes Valley vs the Castro presented a potential conundrum for voters as two of the city’s most widely admired destinations collided head to head. Hayes Valley peaked in the end and will face Excelsior in the semifinals.

On the other side of the bracket, the longtime favorite Tenderloin scored a decisive win over up and coming Mission Bay in the first round, but Mission Bay’s southward neighbor Dogpatch proved stiffer competition. With bite ultimately proving a match for its bark, Dogpatch advances to the Final Four.

Finally we had a true western showdown this week, as two of San Francisco’s hottest and most westwardly situated destinations, the Outer Sunset and the Inner Richmond, squared off.

The Sunset upset two-time champ Bayview in the first round, and despite a valiant effort the Richmond fared no better. The Outer Sunset and Dogpatch will face off in the Final Four for the ultimate east vs west San Francisco throwdown next week.