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What $2,100 rents you in San Francisco right now

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Five new rentals, from the Excelsior to the Sunset.

Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, a regular column exploring what you can rent for a set dollar amount in different neighborhoods. Is one person's studio another person's townhouse? Today's price: $2,100.

Last time Curbed SF explored San Francisco homes for $2,100/month it was fall of 2016 and the order of the day was “think small.” Fifteen months later prospects have shrunk smaller still, like in the case of this “convenient studio” in the Outer Sunset at 28th and Taraval in a building that handily resembles a breadbox. “Newly painted, 336 square foot studio, full kitchen, half bath with shower,” says the ad. All this can be yours for $2,095/month, but the ad doesn’t mention whether the place allows pets or whether renters must squeeze in solo.

↑ The big three R’s in San Francisco housing these days are of course “remodel,” “renovate,” and “refurbish,” but this ad for a studio in the Tenderloin tries to get creative by dubbing the place an apartment “rekindled.” Well, points for trying; the place is also rent controlled, which is an R that savvy landlords should always lead with. At least the little place on Ellis is tidy looking for a $2,095/month, although the addition of a divider between the kitchen and living space seems a bit bizarre. Renters will also have to separate themselves from an additional $75/month if pets are in tow, but at least the Tenderloin remains an inclusive neighborhood for non-human renters.

↑ Meanwhile, a similar studio in Lower Nob Hill on Taylor Street leads with the baffling headline “POD Save America.” That’s as questionable an attempt to game the SEO gods as ever anyone saw, but the extra $75/month pet feet is here designated a “Tails of the City” tax, which is considerably more clever. It’s probably not hard to guess that the same leasing agent wrote both of these ads, although note that this second one is actually concerning two different, similar studio homes, both for $1,995/month and both also rent controlled.

↑ Yes, it is possible to get an actual bedroom for less than two grand in the city these days, although the pickings are getting slim. This two bed, one bath in-law in the bubble-gum pink Excelsior house has appeared on Comparisons before, most recently in October, when the price was just $1,300/month. Now all of a sudden it’s $1,995, so it seems there’s a bubble gum bubble in the making here. Speaking of inflation, it’s now advertised as an extra 100 square feet since October to boot, then 450 feet and now allegedly 550. Still no pets allowed though.

↑ Finally, at least there’s a little extra SF-style Victorian class still available to renters in these margins. It really is just a little, though, this time 350 feet of studio space on McAllister Street in NoPa advertising cherrywood cabinets, “real hardwood,” and Victorian woodwork for $1,995/month. Every inch counts but at least it’s a looker from the curb with its verdant green facade. No dogs allowed, but cats are okay.


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