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Salesforce Tower summed up in three words

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A few words for San Francisco’s most talked-about building of 2017.

The final beam rising to the top of Salesforce Tower, April 2017.
The final beam rising to the top of Salesforce Tower, April 2017.
Photo by Patricia Chang

As the year draws to a close, Curbed SF asked informed locals in architectural, design, and x-factor industries to reveal their thoughts on 2017. Above all constructions this year there was one that literally stood above all—the Salesforce Tower. Our group of notables summed up their thoughts about San Francisco’s newest tall tower using only three words.

John King (urban design critic, San Francisco Chronicle):

“Absolute symmetry—big!”

Allison Arieff (editorial director, SPUR):

“Visible from everywhere.”

Marcel Wilson (founder/design director, Bionic; 2017 Curbed Groundbreaker):

“Tech tractor beam.”

Victoria Fierce (organizer with East Bay for Everyone):

“Far too short.”

Adam Brinklow (associate editor, Curbed SF):

“Benioff's rising profile.”

Malo Huston (professor of urban planning, U.C. Berkeley):

“Twenty-first century building.”

Mark Jensen (principal architect, Jensen Architects):

“Seen. From. Everywhere.”

Sally Kuchar (cities director, Curbed):

“Change is good.”

Kevin K. Ho and Jonathan B. McNarry (realtors, Vanguard Properties):

“Immense shimmering behemoth.”

Richie Nakano (chef, restaurateur, consultant at ChefsFeed):

“Ugly but intriguing.”

Erin Feher (style and design editor, San Francisco Magazine):

“I see you.”

Jon de la Cruz (interior architecture and design, DLC-ID):

“Why so tall?”

David Baker (architect/founder, David Baker Architects):

“Looks like (the) future.”

Photo by Sundry Photography

Salesforce Tower

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