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After the Castro Pottery Barn closes, what should replace it?

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And what will become of Napoleon, the dining room chair statue?

Located on a prime stretch of Castro property, the Pottery Barn at Market and Castro will shutter next month. Hoodline confirmed the closure with the store’s parent company, Williams-Sonoma, Inc.

“Next month, the home furnishing store at the northeast corner of Market and Castro streets will ring up its last customer,” reports Hoodline.

The building, completed in the early 1990s, is noted for its exterior clocktower element, as well as Napoleon, the dining room chair statue that sits in an alcove beneath the clock.

This is one of several closures to hit the queer neighborhood. The most recent include Crepevine on Church Street.

No word yet what will take its place.

But what, other than yet another museum (San Francisco can no longer morally afford to open new museums in the middle of a housing crisis), should go in its place?

Ideas include:

What do you think? The more ideas the better. Hit us up below.