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Curbed Cup 1st round results: Reigning champ defeated, Outer Sunset advances

See the full bracket revealed for the first time

As the first round of voting in the 2017 Curbed Cup comes to a close, a few surprises occurred: Three of the bottom-seeded neighborhoods came out on top—Castro, Outer Sunset, and Inner Richmond. The latter proved the biggest upset, besetting last year’s champion, Bayview.

In 2016, Bayview had a great run, making it all the way to the end. So did the Inner Richmond. But this year, the northern neighborhood had no plans of losing again, beating Bayview by a wide margin. What a difference a year makes!

In the case of Tenderloin versus Mission Bay, a longtime favorite trounced the newfangled home of tech denizens and the future home of the Golden State Warriors. Way to go, TL.

The closest race was between Lower Haight and Outer Sunset, both of which were neck and neck up until Friday morning. In the end, Outer Sunset won by just 20 votes. Remember, folks—voting is important!

Here’s the full bracket reveal. Next week begins the Elite Eight round of voting. Will your favorite neighborhood make it to the Final Four? Vote. And stay tuned.