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What $2,900 rents you in San Francisco right now

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Five new rentals, from Noe Valley to Japantown

Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, a regular column exploring what you can rent for a set dollar amount in different neighborhoods. Is one person's studio another person's townhouse? Today's price: $2,900.

↑ It’s possible that single sentence encompasses the experience of renting in San Francisco more than this one from an ad for a studio apartment near Union Square, right smack next to the Powell Street cable car turnaround: “The Lofts at One Powell will be offering a spacious 8th floor studio apartment for $2,895 per month,” it says. Note that “spacious” means a little under 600 square feet in this case. On one hand, a spot in the former Bank of Italy building is a chase find, and it’s even a pet-friendly building to boot. But is $2,895 for a studio ever a cause for anything but stark concern? We report, you decide.

↑ Then again, this single-bed, split-bath apartment in Noe Valley would have renters believe that it’s the “perfect location” instead. In this case that’s 985 Church, a couple of blocks south of Dolores Park. And an advertised renovation appears to have yielded inset lights and a whole lot of hardwood from one end to the other. The whole thing is $2,900, “pet negotiable, some restrictions and additional deposit may be required.”

↑ The pitch for this one-bed, one-bath Nob Hill apartment at Pine and Jones reads, “Circa 1909 update plus fireplace, isn’t it romantic?” Maybe so, but it’ll definitely have to lay on the charm to romance $2,895 out of renters feeling potentially amorous about it. Note that said fireplace looks ornamental but the write-up also promises a “warm and convivial” building to make up the difference, presumably made that much more by the allowances for pets.

↑ Things are looking up at this junior single-bed apartment in the Haight just north of Buena Vista Park, at least insofar as its pretty coffered ceiling goes. Far less attractive? The $2,850 price tag. Note that the junior bedroom isn’t featured in the ad, making it tough to tell the proportions, even relative to the “large storage room” that’s one of the only features offered in the terse write-up. But at least the place looks good, and it permits cats too.

↑ Finally, this apartment north of Japantown complicates the space race, coming up with two beds and a single bath for $2,900, but confining it all to a mere 725 square feet. Apparently there’s no space for pets, as the ad is mum on the issue. Since most of the other ads don’t disclose square footage it could be that this place has room for more but less room overall or it could be more apartment for your buck.


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    Nob Hill Apartment
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    Haight Jr Single Bed
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    Japantown Apartment
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