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Take a video tour down Lombard Street wiggle

Experience famous street’s bends without the hassle

A post shared by ACME Floral Co. (@acmefloralco) on

Why brave the long line of cars, overzealous tourists, and fuming homeowners when you can zigzag down the crooked part of Lombard Street from the comfort of your sofa.

The owner of San Francisco-based floral company ACME Floral Co., whose Instagram will liven up any dreary winter’s day, shot this perfect clip of Lombard’s noted strip while on a delivery via Vespa. And it’s a joy to behold.

Points of interest: San Francisco cable car kicking things off, view of Coit Tower, the homes, the doggie, the view, the passersby—all of it.

Fret not, folks, as the camera used to shoot this wonderful video was safely snug inside the amateur director’s pocket.