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San Francisco’s most and least expensive homes this week

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Russian Hill’s tries for a more perfect Union, while the fix is in for Crocker Amazon

A lot can happen in a week on San Francisco’s molten-hot housing market. To keep caught up, every Friday Curbed SF examines the High & the Low, a look at the single most and least expensive publicly listed homes sold in San Francisco over the last seven days. Here’s who broke the ceiling and who laid the foundation this week:

It seems some San Francisco homes are ever a work in progress.

Take the case of Russian Hill’s 1100 Union #701, a half-story condo inside the towering La Miranda co-op from 1929.

“701 has been majestically renovated with advanced infrastructure for lighting, motorized shading & Sonos/media,” realtor Gregg Lynn promised in the ad when this three-bed, three-path pad listed in September for $6.5 million.

Something of a familiar tune, a similar song was sung here just three years earlier, when the same unit went up for sale in 2014.

“This one not only has sweeping views but has also been exquisitely remodeled. Three bedrooms and three bathrooms have been created along with a large chef’s kitchen and two tucked-away office spaces,” realtor Nina Hatavny noted back then.

The old place has been through a lot over the years, but it’s continued to pay off. This time the selling price was some $5.84 million—well below asking, but still a big leap from its $4.5 million price in 2014.

As for the least expensive home sale in San Francisco this week, it’s hard to know what to say, chiefly because nobody said anything about it even when making the pitch.

The ad for 7 Robinson Drive in Crocker Amazon consists of only three words, which fail to form even a complete sentence: “Opportunity, a fixer.” And that’s it. The realtor didn’t even bother to list their name.

The midcentury three-bed, one-bath house (circa 1951) posted on November 7 asking $529,000 with nothing to show except a single Google Street View image. It sold this week for $530,000, a highly respectable appreciation on its $401,000 price in 2011.