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Stunning Sausalito houseboat seeks $1.3 million

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Photos courtesy of Steve Sekhon, McGuire Real Estate

Located inside Sausalito’s whimsical and beloved floating home community, 42 Issaquah Dock is a treat for anyone who has ever yearned to live inside this nautical neighborhood.

Built in 1978, this floating home comes with three beds, one and a half baths, and 1,232 square feet. Other highlights include stained glass, fireplace, exposed wood beams, and a deck jutting out onto the water.

But this home’s unobstructed views of the bay, with Tiburon off in the distance, stand out as its best feature.

An ideal home for anyone who wants to live inside a community with a small-town neighborhood feel.

“Even if you’re not a particularly social person, you understand that you and the others you live near are quite literally in the same boat,” says realtor and Issaquah Dock resident Steve Sekhon. “If one has a problem others are there for them—without a doubt.”

Asking is $1,300,000.