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Infinity penthouse drops $3 million off price

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Top-floor dazzler seeks owner

Photos by Jacob Elliott

Woe is the tony penthouse that can’t move. Take, for example, the sleek South Beach affair at the Infinity that can’t seem to catch a break.

Featuring three bedrooms, three and a half baths, and an ample 3,382 square feet, this ostentatious home isn’t half bad insofar as techie siren songs go.

It comes with many of the trappings afforded a sky-high abode for the Silicon Valley set: marble floors, white interiors, wine closet, and—gasp—the unicorn of high-rise living, a window in the master bath.

But for some reason, it can’t find a buyer. After listing in October 2016 for $12,000,000, it’s cut the price down significantly to $8,999,000. (The extra dough can be used at South Beach’s pricey new Woodlands Market—which opened in August—a store that makes Whole Foods look like Pic ’N’ Save.)