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Take a seat inside new ‘Painted Ladies’-style toilets

Full House? No problem

Photo via San Francisco Public Works

Part of San Francisco Public Works’s Pit Stop public toilet project, new rolling toilets pay homage to the Painted Ladies, one of the city’s most popular Instagram spots.

Unveiled on World Toilet Day, a U.N.-sanctioned day drawing awareness to global sanitation, the portable loo is divided into two private rooms. The facades mimic classic Victorian structures with pastel hues like those of the famed Alamo Square abodes.

The interiors feature moldings; wood ceilings; photos of San Francisco homes; and—above all—a clean, safe space to use the bathroom. They also offer safe needle disposal and free dog waste baggies. Users are allotted five minutes inside.

The Painted Ladies-style toilets, part of a larger program to stop people from using sidewalks and doorways as toilets, were a collaboration between Public Works and Tiny Potties.

“We are testing innovative designs that are inviting and encourage people to use them,” said Public Works Director Mohammed Nuru. “We will continue to do everything we can to improve your experience on San Francisco's streets.”

So far, the Pit Stop public toilet project has been a success. With 17 locations are the city, the program account for more than 300,000 flushes a year.

To check out and/or use these Painted Ladies, they can be found on the corner of Haight and Buena Vista Avenue.