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Winter Walk returns to Union Square with drag queens, booze

Pop-up plaza will also feature food, crafting, and unbridled merriment

A rendering of the Winter Walk pedestrian plaza on Stockton, with astroturf laid over the street. Photo courtesy of Ground Floor Public Relations

Once a bustling artery connecting Chinatown to Market Street, the small slice of Stockton in Union Square has been closed to years due to Central Subway construction—that is, except during the holidays when it opens to the public, replete with faux grass, illuminated seating, and good cheer.

With the help of the Union Square Business Improvement District (USBID), Off the Grid, and SFMTA, Winter Walk returns Saturday, November 25. The walk will encompass Stockton Street between Ellis and Geary. The pedestrian pop-up plaza welcomes roughly 750,000 visitors during its five-week appearance.

And because this is San Francisco, Winter Walk will be more than a family-friendly affair.

On December 7, check out drag performances from the legendary House of More. And on Wednesdays, the Museum of Craft & Design present “Craft Beer & Crafts,” which is just what it sounds like—crafting while tipping back suds.

Off the Grid will be there each day with coffee and food, starting at 8 a.m., featuring vendors like Jackrabbit Kitchen, Capelo's Barbecue, Johnny Doughnuts, Serendipity Truck, Del Popolo, RoliRoti, and more.

Be on the lookout for motorized reindeer scooters zipping around the space, as well as an awkward holiday photo pop-up booth.