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The smallest, cutest home on the market asks $540K

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It's only 363 square feet, but it's big on charm

This tucked-away home in the Mission District is the smallest detached house on the market right now. Today this charming abode returns to the market.

Featuring one bath, a fold-down/Murphy bed, and 363 square feet, the property sits behind a three-unit condo building at 444 14th Street. A big part of this home’s attraction is its exterior, which looks like a cottage, fronted by a plant-filled, tree-lined patio that's shared with the residents of the larger building up front.

And the interiors are equally appealing, from the vaulted and beamed ceilings to the bathroom with bathtub. Beautiful. The adorable abode also appeared on HGTV's Tiny House Hunters.

It last made an appearance in 2016, selling for $550,000. Today it’s asking $540,000.