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Open thread: What’s your favorite book about SF?

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The library is open

Photo by Brock Keeling

’Tis the season to hibernate under a blanket with a good book. While there are many choice tomes from which to choose—e.g., the recent National Book Award winners are a must—what about works about San Francisco?

From nonfiction on architecture (check out John Kings two Cityscapes detailing important SF structures) and the faded society set (Oh the Glory of It All remains a contentious classic about San Francisco’s pre-tech blue bloods) to personal page-turners like Judy Juanita’s Virgin Soul and Michelle Tea’s Valencia, there are SF-related books out there for almost any denizen in almost any neighborhood.

We all know the classics—The Maltese Falcon and Tales of the City, just to name two—so we ask you to dig deeper and reveal your absolute favorite book(s) about or that take place in Baghdad by the Bay.