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Scenes of the Instagram-worthy Berkeley BART rotunda in ruins

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Glass canopy will replace beloved 1973 structure

Shield your eyes, Berkeley ilk. One of your best structures is now but a hazy memory from days gone by.

In July it was announced that the circa-1973 icositegragonal rotunda above the Downtown Berkeley BART station was coming down. Which was too bad, really. It was quite the looker and proved popular on Instagram.

As of today. All that remains are a few studs, concrete dust, and ghosts of the past. A shame, really. Behold:

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In place of the 44-year-old rotunda, a glass canopy and skylight will be built above the BART station, similar to the one at the southeast entrance of the same station. It’s all part of an ongoing $7.6 million renovation.

Here’s what the new shelter will look like:

A rendering of a curved glass canopy over the BART entrance in Berkeley. Rendering courtesy of BART


And now, let’s take a look at what the old rotunda looked like, for old time’s sake.

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