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Take a tour of an old Victorian transformed into ‘Addams Family’ mansion

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This Bay Area native spent his life recreating the home from his favorite childhood TV show

While most of us are quick to give up on our teenage dreams, others, like Jim Siegel, spend their life making them a reality.

Obsessed with The Addams Family from a young age, Jim now owns the Westerfeld House in San Francisco, a 28-room Victorian he has meticulously decorated to match the setting of his favorite television series.

He first spotted the house when he was 16 years old and was immediately drawn to its run-down, gloomy look: “I saw that it was a diamond in the rough and I could make it into something special.” That day marked the beginning of his lifelong mission to own the house and transform it into his own recreation of the Addams family abode.

It’s fair to say that Jim has achieved his life goal. After decades of saving, he purchased the house in 1986 for $750,000, and has since built up a collection of furniture and decor to match the Victorian style of the building, including (despite his vegetarianism) a sizable collection of taxidermy that adorns the walls.