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Chase Center: Drone video surveys Warriors’s future home

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18,000-seat Warriors arena doesn’t look like much now

The Golden State Warriors broke ground on the Chase Center in January, marking the creation of a titanic 700,000-square-foot Mission Bay mixed-use development centered around a 18,000-seat sports arena that will host the NBA championship-winning team.

Well, ten months in and the site doesn’t look like much.

But there’s a lot going on in the new aerial footage released this week by South Bay videographer Matthew Roberts.

The drone cineaste spent over a year documenting the construction of Apple Park, but has now shifted attention from that mostly-completed project to this similar circular scheme to the north.

Huge cranes have come to roost while steam shovels and earth movers are hard at work. But as of this week, there’s only a small amount of actual structure of the David Manica-designed coliseum in place.

That’s to be expected, of course. The Chase Center isn’t scheduled for completion until the end of 2019, so this project will take its time. Until then, think of the Third Street space as a canvas with merely a few strokes of the brush applied.

Rendering courtesy of Chase Center