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Former Hibernia Bank on Valencia asks $9.9 million

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From the same architect who designed SF City Hall and the War Memorial Opera House

The exterior of the Hibernia Bank on Valencia Street, a stone and concrete neoclassical building with arched entrances. Photos courtesy of Jordan Geller

The ad for the esteemed classical building at 1098 Valencia, which went on sale for $9.9 million, says that its style gives it “notable identity” on the main Valencia drag.


Back in 2009, John King went one step further, calling the former bank building that now serves as a Social Security office downright out of place and “an incongruous sight” in the modern day Mission, albeit in a good way:

This orderly gem was designed for Hibernia Bank by Arthur Brown Jr. of City Hall renown, and it's an incongruous sight on today's Valencia Street: The Irish families who banked here are mostly gone, the pharmacy across the street is a hipster diner, and there's an avant-garde theater down the block. But our dignified patriarch remains, surely to see more changes still.

Note that aforementioned hipster diner Boogaloos is no longer around after a staggering 317 percent rent hike.

But as King predicted, the stately Brown building across the way has endured and is now prepping for change in its own right.

According to the ad by realtor Jordan Geller, the two-story, 11,000-square-foot, circa-1924 building has a lease with the government to continue operating the Social Security office until 2022. However, it has no option to renew, leaving a prime Valencia Street spot wide open in a few years time.

Although there is a question as to whether or not the handsome architecture can bear just any sort of commercial renter; would people shop for vintage clothes or eat brunch in an neoclassical Arthur Brown Jr. building? One would assume, especially in a building as nice as this one.

The ad also notes that this property is joined to the newer building next door, even if you can’t tell from street level, noting, “A second, modern, structure was built on the adjacent 5,988 square foot lot; the two structures have a contiguous open floor plan on the second floor.”