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Here's how much Apple Park cost

Breaking down the permits for company’s $5 billion brouhaha

Aerial photo of the circular Apple Park building. Photo by Uladzik Kryhin/Shutterstock

Folks who followed Apple Park through its long entitlements and construction process know how much it cost: roughly $5 billion.

Apparently that sweeping estimate was not enough to satisfy the curiosity of BuildZoom, as they published a recent article detailing the company’s expenses on all of its permits related to its new Cupertino headquarters.

Note that some of these figures provide only the “job value,” which may be different in some cases from actual cash spent.

Here’s a breakdown of some of Apple’s core concerns when it came time to pay the bills.

  • The Main Building: $427,570,867

That’s right, the gigantic Norman Foster-designed ring cost less than 10 percent of the overall estimated budget. Nearly $232 million of that was for the “main shell and core” of the building. Landscaping and irrigation came in at $85 million. And the roof, with its glistening fields of solar panels, cost more than $14.3 million.

  • Steve Jobs Theater: $179,437,885

When you put the cofounder’s name on a building there’s some extra incentive to polish that particular apple, as the Jobs Theater ran up the second highest total of the project. Nearly $161 million of that went into building the centerpiece structure itself, but even the lobby alone costs $12 million, at least according to the estimates when the permits issued.

Photo by 문준현/Wikicommons
  • Visitor Center: $109,670,640

The building itself cost $79.9 million, but the “visitor center underground parking structure” ran $26 million all its own. The price might raise a few eyebrows, with many critical of how much the company spent on new parking in its high-profile “green” building.

  • Parking Garages: $113,731,332

Speaking of parking, all of the parking here was required by the city of Cupertino, although Apple didn’t make a priority of reducing parking mandates during the negotiations.

In any case, they ended up with nearly 3.5 million square feet of parking space—more than it has office space. The two largest, four-story parking structures cost more than $107.8 million all on their own, not counting the $26.5 million parking garage in a separate building.

On the other hand, the solar canopy on the roof cost roughly $5.4 million.

  • The Barn: $360,000

As per its agreement with the city, Apple had to preserve a circa-1916 apricot barn on the property, making it a permanent part of the campus interior. Carefully deconstructing the barn, hauling it away, pouring a foundation for it, and rebuilding it in a new spot near its original site cost $260,000, plus another $100,000 to fix the place up.

Photo by Dicklyon/Wikicommons