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SF City Hall might owe you overpaid parking ticket

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Drivers must claim funds by December 14

A parkign ticket on a windshield on a rainy day. Photo by Thor Rune

Anyone who has ever paid a parking ticket in the city of San Francisco should pay attention, because it’s possible that the city could owe you more than $500.

An SFTMA audit of the period between 1995 and 2014 revealed almost $600,000 worth of over payments and duplicate payments from drivers who turned out to be overzealous in clearing their debts to City Hall.

According to the agency:

“These funds are being held in the SFMTA's Operating Fund. Claims for return of monies held may be filed by either calling 415.701.3000 or going to Unclaimed monies will become the property of the City and County of San Francisco on December 14, 2017 if no claim is filed.”

The document runs over 400 pages and 7,500 entries, including some for businesses like the Garden Route Company ($172 from 2013) and Novo Construction, Inc. ($228 from 2012, 2013, and 2014).

San Francisco Examiner singles out the case of Susan J. Alonso as among the largest overpaid sum, $516 fine for a street cleaning ticket in 2012.

But the highest figure on the list: William Peter Ortiz, who managed to overpay his parking meter fines by $579 in 2009. Ouch.

Second is Ahmedd Algahim, who overpaid a street cleaning fee by $540, followed closely by a Jeffrey Rae, who is owed $539.

SFMTA audits periodically reveal overpaid funds in public coffers. In 2016, ABC7 reported that the refunds for tickets through 2012 amounted to millions of dollars.