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786-square-foot Cupertino teardown ‘shack’ asks $419K

Small shelter sits on two acres of primo land

Photos courtesy of Rob Roham, RealtyWeb

Due to Cupertino’s unconscionable refusal to build housing stock, even after the world’s second-most expensive company opened new headquarters inside the spacious hamlet, home prices in the tech town have reached astronomical heights.

But this 786-square-foot abode at 17320 Stevens Canyon, featuring one bed and one bath, seems like a downright bargain, comparatively-speaking. Even Redfin estimates place the circa-1940 hovel at $870,353. That’s more than double the asking price.

Speaking of which, asking is $419,000.

“Could be rebuilt to a multi-million dollar home with some work,” notes the ad. Indeed. And this teardown will presumably spark a bidding war.

In September, for example, a modest home in nearby Sunnyvale listed for $1,688,000 and sold for $2,470,000, roughly $800,000 over asking.