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Bernard Maybeck house in Presidio Heights snips $2.5 million off asking

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Stunning landmark home seeks loving owner

Photos courtesy of Nina Hatavny, Pacific Union

In a city where, for some, money is no object, we’re gobsmacked to report that nobody snapped up the glorious Bernard Maybeck-designed Roos House in tony Presidio Heights. It landed on the market in July for a cool $16.5 million—aka, chump change for the freshly moneyed set.

And yet—no takers. What gives, local billionaires?

So now the price comes tumbling down, with $2.5 million sloughed off the initial asking.

The red-and-black Roos House, located at 3500 Jackson, comes with seven beds, six and a half baths, and 10,313 square feet. Built in 1909 for clothing magnate Leon Roos, the book Bernard Maybeck: Visionary Architect (1992) details the Presidio Heights home’s half-timbered design:

Panels of mauve plush edged with gold gimp harmonize with redwood walls. Redwood battens and moldings have Gothic profiles. Indirect lighting and diffused light from wall fixtures softly illuminate surfaces and details, while hanging chandeliers sparkle against the dark heights of the roof timbering.

Wall coverings, light fixtures, furniture, and even the crest of the owner's initial ornamenting the entrance door were all fashioned from designs by Maybeck.

Asking is now $13,500,000.