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Oakland Craftsman fixer-upper asks $679K

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First time house hits market in 88 years

A brown shingled house in Oakland with a multi-gabled roof. Photos courtesy of Christian Downer, Pacific Union

In the ad for 1202 Everett, realtor Christian Downer claims that the two-bed, one-bath house, located in Oakland’s Glenview neighborhood, has been off the market for 88 years.

And, boy, it sure does look like it.

That’s not to say the circa 1914 Craftsman, with brown shingles gracing the facade, isn’t an attractive home. Or at least has the makings of an attractive home.

But there’s no doubt that the designation fixer-upper counts for a lot here, as the damaged floors, peeling walls, and remarkably unappealingly pastel-hued kitchen testify.

On top of that, it’s hard to ignore the fact that 1202 Everett Avenue is, well, green. And while there’s nothing wrong with the spearmint color that graces almost every single interior this home, it covers a large portion of the home, from wall to wall, cherished built-ins included.

And yet, there’s no doubt life in the place for those who want to put the care into restoring it to its full potential.

Asking is $679,000.