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Hillsborough ‘Flintstone House’ returns to market

Price has yet to hit bedrock

Rusty orange Flinstone House exterior. Photos courtesy of Alain Pinel

After 14 months without a buyer—and after cutting the asking price by over $1 million—the famed Flintstone House in Hillsborough (45 Berryessa Way) dropped off the market in November.

But good news for anyone who missed seeing its bubbly exterior: It listed yet again last week, still asking its reduced price of more than $3.19 million.

Experimental architect William Nicholson designed the smattering of domes in the Hillsborough hills in 1976.

Despite its common nickname, Nicholson didn’t model the place on the popular Hanna Barbera cartoon—his vision was simply of a house composed entirely of curves.

It’s mostly the paint job that recalls the home of the modern stone-age family now—although admittedly it’s hard to unsee the resemblance once it’s been pointed out.

Present owner Korie Edises bought the place in 1996 for $800,000—the equivalent of $1.23 million today, about a third of its present, trimmed-down price.

It’s really not surprising that 45 Berryessa has yet to attract a buyer since listing in September of 2015; it’s not for everyone. But it’s hard to imagine it will go forever without an interested offer, if only due to its uniqueness factor.

In the meantime, the home has found some demand on Airbnb, where it listed last summer. The Flintstone House enjoys favorable reviews, averaging more than 4.5 stars across the board.

Granted that’s from only three guests, but still. Since its initial listing, the price has bumped up slightly to $775/night. In 4,122 more nights, Airbnb will have matched the asking price in revenue generated.

So, unlike with actual cavemen (and actual sitcoms), time is on the side of this seller.