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Famed cat photographer’s (well-vacuumed) Pacifica home asks $749,000

Purrrfect fixer is a great deal, fur real

Wood exterior of Pacifica home, featuring soaring roof. Photos via Estately

While the name Richard Stacks might not spring to the minds of many, his images do. From inspirational posters and postcards to office mugs and calendars, his whimsical photography has blessed this world (see: Curbed SF office) with the awesome power of feline.

In addition to being the world’s premier cat photographer, as well as a former Baltimore Sun photographer, Stack was a long time Pacifica resident. He died in 2015, leaving behind not only an oeuvre of floofy, humorous imagery, but also his paw-some 1990 home that’s currently on the market.

Coming in at three beds, three baths, and 2,230 square feet, this California Redwood-drenched pastiche is billed as a “fixer.” The soaring ceilings provide a lovely frame to the views of the fog-laced Pacific.

There’s also a former darkroom, where Stacks developed most of his work, as well as rooms galore where, one presumes, countless cats called home.

Funky but dilapidated, sources confirm that the home at 490 Talbot “apparently reeks of cats” and that there is a “[v]ery obvious odor issue from multiple cats having occupied the property.” But what this seaside house lacks in anosmic relief it more than makes up for in possibilities and ice-breaking party conversation.

Asking is $749,000.