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SF block becomes focal point of Troy Holden’s “Colorful Streets”

Noted photographer hones in on Market Street between Fourth and Fifth Streets

Photography by Troy Holden

Hard to believe this is Troy Holden’s first solo show. The noted San Francisco photographer, who emerged from a group of street photogs that include Thomas Hawk and Travis Jensen, has made a name for himself care of his poignant yet unaffected imagery; photography that’s gorgeously shot without holding back.

Troy Holden: Colorful Streets, his upcoming solo show at North Beach's Mule Gallery (January 6-February 24), narrows down his camera’s focus exclusively on a small stretch of San Francisco—specifically, Market Street from 4th Street to 5th Street, right at the nexus of MidMarket, SoMa, downtown, and an socioeconomic strata.

“A couple of years ago I started working in the neighborhood and noticed that the foot traffic was significantly more dense than my former stomping ground of Market Street between 4th & 10th,” said Holden when asked why he selected this strip of Market.

He adds, “I became interested in finding interesting or absurd interactions amongst all the chaos of a crowded city sidewalk.”

Holden goes on to point out that with the scores of people who pass through this area each day, ranging from commuters and tourists to residents and civic workers, one never knows what to expect.

“For example, in the midst of hundreds of strangers, a city character like Frank Chu or Willie Brown will walk by. It's very serendipitous,” says Holden.

The photos selected for this show feature shots of above ground activity and the melee below that is public transportation.

As for what other hyper-hyper-local spots he might shoot in the future for a show, Holden says, “I often walk Mission Street between 16th & 24th. There's not as much foot traffic as Market Street, but the neighborhood still has a lot of color and character. Same for upper Grant and Stockton streets in Chinatown.”

Be sure to catch Troy Holden: Colorful Streets at Mule Gallery (80 Fresno) beginning January 6 and running until February 24. Opening night reception is this Friday at 6pm at Mule Galley.