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This is the most expensive home for sale in Lake Tahoe

Modern ski chalet will cost you at least $39 million

Exterior of Tahoe mansion with lake in the background. Photos via Redfin

What with epic Sierra snowfall on the horizon, there’s only one sane thing to do in such glacial times—go into escrow on a multimillion dollar Tahoe abode. Landing on the market well over a year ago, the exceedingly contemporary property at 580 Gonowabie has been the area’s single most expensive property for quite some time.

Offering four bedrooms, five baths, and 8,694 square feet, the 2008 construction offers such amenities as a gym, spa, three fireplaces, and glass. Oh so much glass.

Glass walls, a five-story glass elevator, a six-story glass stairwell, a glass fireplace, and glass doors. Again, a lot of glass here.

What this property lacks in acreage—while this home comes with 100 feet of Lake Tahoe waterfront, it sits on a demure half-acre lot, which isn’t much considering the bonkers asking price—it makes up in glass galore and glorious views of the lake.

Asking is $39,750,000.