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Midcentury beauty in El Cerrito asks $799,000

A shot of pure 1957 with a 21st century chaser

The facade of 2620 La Honda, a midcentury home with a low, flat roof and strip of windows running across its entire facade. Courtesy Stephen Bloom

Fans of East Bay midcentury homes may want to brace themselves, because a place like 2620 La Honda Avenue in El Cerrito doesn’t come along every day.

This gem first came along in 1957, and it certainly looks every inch of it, from the non-stop strip of windows out front to those tell-tale ceiling beams on the inside of a pleasingly square affair.

This three-bedroom, two-bath abode sold last sold only about two and a half years ago. But it’s not a flip, as the current asking price of $799,000 is only a little bit more than 2014’s $775,000.

Realtor Stephen Bloom tells Curbed SF that the present owner added a number of modern touches, including heated marble floors in the bathroom. “They really went to town in it,” says Bloom.

The plan was to stay longterm, but personal circumstances demand a move to Berkeley instead. Which now makes it something of a bargain for the next buyer, as inflation eats up much of the minor price difference since 2014, making this more a mere hop than a flip.

In fact, thanks to trick of inflation, this home is technically selling for less than it did back in 2004, when it cost $695,000, the equivalent of well over $800K today. Think of it as bargain hunting backwards in time.

And speaking of stepping back in time, the fix-ups over the last couple of years don’t seem to have marred the midcentury sensibilities of this place too much. Just take a look.