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Former home of the San Francisco Socialist Party asks $1.9 million

Labor union hall turned pricey Mission flat is a sign of the times

Colorful, vivid exterior of home. Photo courtesy of Vanguard Properties

Originally built as a meeting hall following the 1906 earthquake, 141 Albion was later used as the headquarters of the San Francisco Socialist Party and labor union during the 1910s shortly after construction.

Years later during the 1990s, it was billed as Albion Hall, a noted music and theatrical venue space for indie artists. And then in 2009, it was converted into sleek condos, making a splash with this grand $6.5 million home, one of the largest asks ever in the Mission.

Today a smaller but no less swank spot opens up inside this historic spot. Coming in at three beds, four baths, and 2,066 square feet, this home, once used as the former administrative offices for the hall, features vaulted ceilings, skylights, original restored stained glass, and more.

And do get a load of the color being employed here, please. While this abode has been revamped since last sold in 2009, it is mercifully not of the antiseptic variety. Dark wood trimming is highlighted by color paint, while wallpaper is used above the fireplace column. Beautiful.

Asking is $1,995,000.