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Flooding and street closures from this weekend’s Bay Area storm

Rain causes rock slides, felled trees, and soaked streets

While the weekend’s storm didn’t ravish the Bay Area in the same way it did Southern California—major sections of area freeways closed while flash flood warnings hit LA County, including San Pedro, Long Beach, and Torrance—we did manage to take a few punches from the most recent storm.

The North Bay felt the brunt of it all, similar to last week’s tempests.

“The entire Bay Area was under a flood watch, but areas along a strip in the North Bay encompassing Sebastopol, Rohnert Park and Petaluma were flooding on Monday morning” reports SFGate. “The Mark West Creek near Mirabel Heights west of Santa Rosa was 5 feet over its 55-foot flood stage on Monday morning. The nearby Russian River in Guerneville neared flood stages when it crested around 6 a.m.”

High tides also wreaked havoc. The famed cement ship in Aptos, the S.S. Palo Alto billed as the most famous concrete ship on the West Coast, fell victim to thrashing waves.

Rains will continue to hit the Bay Area until at least Tuesday.

Here are some scenes of this past weekend’s exceedingly damp weather.