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Uber HQ on Market Street site of protest

Residents respond to noted tech CEO’s assistance with Trump administration

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick is part of Trump's Strategic and Policy forum—a group also includes Tesla’s Elon Musk—which is why, on the morning of the Trump inauguration, scores of people held a protest in front of the mammoth tech outfit.

According to TechCrunch, “Anti-Donald Trump protestors are outside of Uber’s San Francisco headquarters. Protestors have linked arms outside Uber’s entrance, chanting, ‘Donald Trump, go away. Racist sexist, anti-gay.’”

This is the latest misstep for the widely used rideshare company. Last month, after a couple of red-light-running snafus on city streets, Uber pulled all their self-driving cars from San Francisco and headed to Arizona.

The company also recently agreed to pay $20 million to settle FTC charges that it misled drivers on their pay.

This morning’s protest began at Uber’s headquarters before attendees marched up Market Street. Here are some scenes from said protest on Market Street, which led to Friday morning Muni reroutes and street closures.

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