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Sunset District home lists after 43 years, asks $1.29 million

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In a sea of renovations, this throwback has been more or less untouched since the early ’70s

The facade of 1894 36th avenue from the walkway, a deco-style house of protruding cube shapes. Jason Chan, Barbagelata Real Estate

Everywhere you look these days, classic San Francisco homes are transforming. Although the facades tend to stay the same, open the doors and 21st century design pours out.

But here’s a Sunset home that adds some much-needed retro design, a circa 1946 house at 1894 36th Avenue that hasn’t sold on the open market since 1974. The three-bed, two-and-a-half-bath, nearly 2,000-square-foot home now qualifies as a genuine throwback.

And with the exception of some plumbing and flooring work, it’s been more or less unchanged throughout the decades. The last permits filed were just to replace some windows back in 1999.

Step inside the doors of this house and back in time to the first days of the Ford administration, at least in terms of the layout.

“Not much has changed until just the last three weeks,“ realtor Jason Chan told Curbed SF. “We took out the old carpet and put in new floors, changed some light fixtures and that sort of thing.” But except for this light turn and a little maintenance, the place has been mostly the same all this time.

For all of that time, this place belonged to a local rabbi who was the dean and founder of San Francisco’s only Orthodox Jewish high school, until it closed abruptly last summer amid financial troubles and health issues.

The one thing that’s not still circa 1974 about this place, of course, is the price: $1.29 million.