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Trump inauguration protests happening in SF and Oakland

It’s going to be crowded in the Bay Area for the next few days

 A large crowd assembles at city hall in downtown San Francisco.for a Healthcare Rally.
A large crowd assembles at city hall in downtown San Francisco.for a Healthcare Rally.
Photo by  Kim Wilson Photography/Shutterstock

While the country takes a historic turn to the far right with the inauguration of Donald Trump, San Francisco, Oakland, and the Bay Area at large will respond the rise of the alt-right with a series of protests on city streets. Here’s what you can expect on Friday, inauguration day, and Saturday.


Bridge Together, Golden Gate Bridge

From 10 a.m. to noon, protesters dressed in purple (the symbolic color of anti-bullying) will join hands along San Francisco’s most iconic structure in protest. As for parking, the organizers note: “Parking at the Bridge is extremely limited. Please do not expect to drive to and park anywhere near the bridge on January 20th. There will be no special permitted parking for the attendees. We are encouraging all of our attendees to use public transportation and ride sharing services.”

ANSWER Coalition (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism), Civic Center

From 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., Civic Center will play host to a large rally/protest in from of San Francisco City Hall. Traffic in the area will be impenetrable. We recommend taking BART or Muni into the city and getting off at Civic Center.

Bang the Pots, Raise a Din, anywhere

According to the BTPRAD’s Facebook page, “This event is in keeping with the Latin American tradition, Cacerolazo, of registering protest against the government by banging pots and pans.” Which is to say, anyone at anytime is welcome to thrash away on a pot or pan to voice their concern.

School walkouts, Oakland

Walkouts are planned for many businesses and Oakland schools. So much so that some are debating cancelling area classes altogether. Motorists should keep an eye out for students and protesters taking to the streets on Friday.


Women's March Bay Area, everywhere

In San Francisco, Oakland, and all over the country, a massive movement women’s movement will take place following the inauguration.

  • San Francisco: The event will begin with an afternoon rally at Civic Center, followed by a candlelight march down Market Street to Justin Herman Plaza.
  • Oakland: Participants will convene at Madison Park on Saturday morning, followed by a march up Oak Street to Grand Avenue along Lake Merritt and to Frank Ogawa Plaza.
  • San Jose: According to 7x7, “A smaller but nonetheless mighty rally is also planned for this South Bay hub, beginning at City Hall with a short march (less than a mile) to Cesar Chavez Plaza.”

We will continue to update throughout inauguration day on traffic issues.